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- EuroBeam change log 2021

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EuroBeam 3.21 users please note

Releases 3.21a/b have been temporarily withdrawn because of potential errors relating to steel beam bearing calculations. We hope to make a new release available on Feb 26th

Release 3.21b, 19 February 2021 - withdrawn

  • Adding column to project could trigger AV error - fixed
  • Bring forward load on columns didn't work (button put # load expression in wrong column) - fixed
  • Additional B/F bearing load didn't work - fixed
  • Bearing masonry stress of less than 0.05 is now changed to 0.70 (default value)

Release 3.21a, 14 February 2021 - withdrawn

This long overdue release is the result of a major project that has consolidated the SuperBeam, ProSteel and EuroBeam code into one largely common codebase. When work on EuroBeam started in 2009, the decision was made to build it off an independent codebase, the thinking being that by about 2014-15 no further work would be done on SuperBeam and ProSteel. Ten years on all three programs sell in similar numbers and having to maintain two separate codebases has caused lots of duplicated work. Now everything that can be commonised has been.

Key changes

  • Beam edit dialog load page now adds four quick add buttons under the load grid - press 'U', 'R', 'V' or 'D' to add a dead load of this type; Ctrl+Click adds a live load
  • Beam calculations now show the deflection coefficient for each load is shown in a new column that has been added to the beam printout load table.
  • The A/1/2/3/4 buttons now they act as radio buttons: press one to select, then (as appropriate) press 'Add dead load', 'Add live load' or 'B/F' to add the corresponding row(s), then edit as necessary.
  • Steel column printout didn't print hollow sections on load position diagram - fixed.
  • Timber post dialog now has member dimensions on second page.
  • Script for 140mm wide Catnic BSD140, BHD140 and BXD140 lintels has been added
  • The User Setup, Create Backup on Save option has been removed. Now whenever you save a project (or it's saved by autosave) is set [default], what previously happened is that on saving your project the previous file was renamed with the first character of the file extension being replaced by a tilde, e.g MyProject.sbw was backed up as MyProject.~bw, any earlier .~bw files being discarded. Now, where possible, these files are sent to the Recycle Bin, giving you the opportunity to recover an earlier version, though this won't happen where you're saving to a network or cloud drive. Note that what hasn't been saved can't be recovered, so (in SuperBeam, ProSteel, Word, Excel etc) please don't put in hours of work without ever saving your changes.
  • In connection with the last change, the File Open dialog now adds an Open Backup file type option. If you open such a file you will need to use File, Save As to save it under a new name.
  • Configuration, Apply Closes option has been removed: now in edit dialogs, press Apply, then Close when done.
  • When editing show current item option has been removed from User Setup, Preferences.
  • A new Configuration Preference checkbox, Show startup dialog, has been added.
  • The colour dialog now has buttons to set screen window colours to light and dark defaults. Pressing one of the buttons resets the font colours appropriately.
  • Colour themes Golden Graphite and Metro Blue have been replaced by Glow Black and Stellar Blue.
  • A number of improvements to the way in which calculations are presented have been made, e.g. showing some additional working and trying to show values with the appropriate number of decimal points.
  • This release is built with Embarcadero Delphi 10.4 which should improve rendering on 4K displays.

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