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Technical support

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Release 1.30a, 26 November 2013

  • IMPORTANT FIX: Beam maximum shear force values and positions were incorrectly reported in some instances
  • RTF copy option added: Calculations can be copied to the clipboard in RTF format, from where they can be pasted into applications such as Word.
  • Checking of PFC channel sections added (beams only)
  • Size of internally generated PDF files reduced
  • Standard load page template loads updated following user feedback

Release 1.22a, 20 August 2013

  • IMPORTANT FIX: We missed the fact that BSI released an amended version of EC5 in 2008 and one key change was to add a 0.67 kcr width modification factor when calculating the shear resistance of timber members [EC5 UK NA A1:2008 Table NA4]. This has now been incorporated. Fortunately it is rare for timber member sizing to be governed by shear.
  • No '?' was shown in Project Manager if steel beam flag value exceeded - fixed.
  • Glulam beam number of laminations had a maximum value of 15, now removed.
  • Glulam GL32c shear strength corrected from 3.0 to 3.2
  • The layouts of the timber post and steel column edit dialogs have been changed slightly. The load position buttons are now on a panel to the right of the loading grid and become active when you click on the load grid. Problems with B/F load functionality have been resolved.
  • Timber post load entry didn't allow a negative load offset - fixed. To be consistent with steel columns, load offsets are measured from the face of the member so (say) for a load acting 25mm from the centre of a 100x100 post the load offset is -25. Previously this was rejected as invalid.
  • The steel beam opening printout now shows the calculation for shear area and shear capacity.
  • FIX N.B.: For non-centered openings in steel beams the tensile capacity of the bottom tee was incorrectly calculated using the area of the top tee. This makes no difference where the opening is centered or is towards the top of the beam but overestimates the tee capacity for an opening below the centre line. The difference is unlikely to be material since for all sections the bulk of the material is in the flanges.
  • Standard Loads page: From the beginning we have always been reluctant to give any guidance on standard loads, the rationale being that if you need such help you shouldn't be using our programs. Given periodic requests we have now finally added a standards load page. For more information see the program Latest Information page.

Release 1.21g, 10 June 2013

  • Connection edit dialog allowed invalid bolt sizes to be entered - fixed
  • On screen beam and column calculations now show load duration codes and meanings (e.g. QA:Residential) as on printouts
  • From release 1.21e a note, 'Sections to be bolted together with tube spacers or suitable alternative connections at max 1.5m c/s', has been added to steel beam calculations where the beam comprises two or three sections and no other notes have been added. Now if you change back to a single section beam and the steel note text comprises this text and nothing else it is automatically removed.

Release 1.21f, 30 April 2013

Lots of changes so see the program ReadMe file for a full list. Key changes:

  • R2 bearing was not shown in Project Summary if the same as R1 - fixed
  • The combined stress ratio was not always visible in the column edit dialog - fixed
  • Shortcut key for Add Column is now Ctrl+L (was Ctrl+A, clashes with 'select all text' in memo field)
  • Configuration, Standard Loads and Notes option has been renamed Configuration, Library
  • Steel column section selection now mirrors that for beams: you now have check, select by minimum weight and (new) select by minimum depth.
  • The script editors now add a button which lets you change the edit panel font. Note that not all fonts render correctly.
  • Script enhancements: Scripts and script pages can now include Summary.Add() statements which function in the same way as Output.Add() statements. The text entered appears in the Project Summary. You can also assign values to predefined variables WindowTitle and PrjMgrLine, e.g. WindowTitle := 'CATNIC CN6 LINTEL;'. Values assigned here appear in the screen window title bar and Project Manager. New values CantLenR1 and CantLenR2 have been added - usually these will be checked to ensure they are zero, i.e. the beam does not extend as a cantilever at either end.
  • New script: A new script Catnic IG 100mm box lintel combines the earlier Catnic and IG scripts so as to give both lintel options on one sheet.
  • Enhanced scripts: The original Catnic, IG, Stressline and TJI scripts have been replaced with new ones that use the Summary, WindowTitle and PrjMgrLine variables above.
  • A 24-year old bug fixed! When the expression evaluator used in all our programs was originally written for SuperBeam 1 we managed to get the expression evaluation wrong for expressions involving sequential addition and subtraction. Following BODMAS too literally 2-3+4 was evaluated as 2-(3+4) = -5.. The correct evaluation is 2+(-3)+4=3. After 24 years we've got it right! For more see this forum post. It's highly unlikely to have affected any calculations but does also affect the calculator. Thanks to the user who reported this.
    Note that we still give precedence to multiplication over division so 2x3/4x5 is evaluated as if the division symbol was a horizontal line with the preceding and following parts above and below it, viz (2x3)/(4x5) = 0.3, not 2x(3/4)x5=7.5
  • Non-BS4 (new Advance) steel sections: New setting in Project Details dialog gives you three options when using the program to select a section: you can include these sections (as before), exclude them from consideration, or, you can choose to have any suitable such section noted as an alternative: e.g. the program might select a 610x229x101 UB and use this for the calculations but adds a line under the section name stating that a 610x178x100 UB would also be suitable. This line is not added where the selected section is already the lightest or shallowest one.

Release 1.21e, 18 January 2013

Lots of changes so see the program ReadMe file for a full list. Key changes:

  • Beam calculation now shows unfactored dead and live components of reactions below total
  • Effective lengths: where a column effective length is entered as a number (e.g. 2.0) and treated as a physical length, 'm' is appended to make this clear (normally you would enter an expression, e.g. 1.0L).
  • Where a steel beam comprises two or three sections and no other notes have been added, a note reading 'Sections to be bolted together with tube spacers or suitable alternative connections at max 1.5m c/s' is added. This is a one-off procedure: the standard text will not be reinserted if you delete or edit it.
  • Internal PDF generation now uses a different code library (QuickPDF instead of Gnostice). This should not affect you but if you encounter any issues please let us know asap
  • Improved printing options: The Print dialog has been modified, with the two radio buttons (printer/PDF) being replaced by tabbed notebook pages.
  • New Merge PDFs option on the Miscellaneous Menu lets you combine a number of PDF files into one file.
  • Beam splice drawing wasn't printed by 1.21d - fixed
  • Several technical changes affecting end plate splice calculations have been made - check the ReadMe file for a full explanation

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