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EuroBeam change log 2016-17

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Release 3.05a, 10 October 2017

There is no 3.04

Release 3.03a, 13 June 2017

Important fix

Mcr for unrestrained steel beams with support conditions 1-4,6-7 was incorrectly calculated - fixed: see program ReadMe file for more information.

No help? Go to Configuration, User Setup, File Names and Locations page. Press the button at the end of the Help file line then select the file EuroBeam/chm, press OK, then OK again.

Release 3.02a, 17 April 2017

Changes in this release:

Release 3.01b, 14 March 2017

Release 3.01a, 27 January 2017

Release 3.00a, 30 November 2016

Changes in this release:

Release 2.91a, 31 August 2016

Release 2.90a, 12 July 2016

Reinforced concrete beam design preview

This works as you would expect: the toolbar Add Beam button dropdown now adds an extra option, RC Beam. Loads are entered as for steel and timber beams, and on the second tab you enter details of the beam. The following simplifications apply:

Press the 'Help' button on the RC page for info re the fields on this page.

Other changes

Release 2.50c, 6 June 2016

Release 2.50b, 26 April 2016

Release 2.50a, 5/6 April 2016

  1. New theme support - a new button at the end of the toolbar labelled 'RGB' lets you one of a number of colours schemes - the choice is yours. You can find a preview of the available themes on our website page
  2. The toolbar Add Beam button and Project menu, Add Beam option now display a submenu which let you select what type of beam to add: Loads only, Steel, Timber or Steel/Timber.
  3. The beam edit dialog now has a drop-down list of beam types instead of checkboxes for steel and timber beams. Should it be necessary, you can use this to change the beam type. Only those tabs applicable to the current beam are now displayed (e.g. for a steel beam you now don't see the timber and timber bearing tabs).
  4. The timber post edit dialog now includes (as for beams) a button which lets you enter the entries that appear in the section dimension dropdown lists. Note that you can manually enter any dimension - you're not confined to those in the dropdown lists.
  5. Ctrl+C removed as a shortcut for 'Copy to RTF' - it stopped this shortcut being used to copy text from dialog fields.
  6. RTF copy of timber beam calculations didn't work - fixed. Steel beam RTF copy has been improved.
  7. PDF generation reverts to the Gnostice library as used in releases 1.21d and earlier. This produces smaller PDF files
  8. 6 April build uses revised beam load/BM&SF diagram printing code
  9. When you download an update, it's now downloaded to your default download folder rather than the program data folder.
  10. The program settings INI file name/location is no longer changeable from within the program - previously you could change the entry in the dialog but Windows security meant that the change wasn't actually made. Most users will never need to change this but if you do please see our INI files page.
  11. This release is built with Embarcadero Rad Studio 10 - this is a technical change that does not affect end users.

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