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Release 1.21d, 27 August 2012

  • Fixes an error in the steel data file that caused RHS* (RHS sections bent about their minor axis) to always be shown as failing in bending

Release 1.21c, 6 August 2012

  • The program could crash if you selected an option that triggered an item list renumber (e.g. cut or reposition an item) and one or more items contained B/F loads
  • Timber post with B/F loads lost loads if project items were renumbered
  • The Script Page editor has been improved but is still a work in progress

Release 1.21b, 20 June 2012

  • Adding a timber beam to a project could generate an error dialog - fixed
  • Where a beam load is brought forward (load expression starts with '#'), BF is now shown in the duration column - previously it could show any valid code though as this was not used in the calculation process it didn't matter but could confuse.

Release 1.21a, 13 June 2012

  • The thousands separator/decimal point sideprint is now not printed on OLE pages
  • OLE page Print Project options were not saved in the project file - fixed
  • The default steel data file now includes Euronorm IPE and HE sections. This file will not be installed if you have made changes to the previous data file. Note that if you want to use these sections you should select Configuration, User Setup, Preferences: Steel Section Types to be displayed and make sure they are checked
  • A square root symbol can be incorporated in text pages and script page output by using a backtick as a tag, viz <`>. Now you can optionally use a tagged apostrophe <'> to draw a line across the text between the square root tag and this one
  • If you saved a project containing a designed (section chosen by EuroBeam) non-UC column, the section was changed to a UC when the project file was reloaded - fixed
  • Sundry small interface and printout tidy-ups

Release 1.20c, 7 May 2012

  • Various minor presentational improvements - no calculation values are affected
  • Any value entered for the permissible timber beam cantilever beyond R1 deflection value was ignored - fixed

Release 1.20b, 22 April 2012

  • Timber beam span/cantilever default deflections corrected to L/250 and L/125 (EC5 Table NA.4) from 0.003L/0.006L
  • Lower case 'l' for column effective lengths now uppercased (previously was ignored so effective length 1.0l taken as 1.0)
  • Splice drawing in beam edit dialog could initially be wrong size
  • Print Page Heading only option gave a blank sheet - fixed

Release 1.20a, 10 April 2012

This is the first general release of EuroBeam: until now it has only been available as an early experience release to SuperBeam and ProSteel users with current update cover but now is being made available as an independent program. The single user price is £250, £150 if you have SuperBeam or ProSteel or £100 if you have both (all +VAT). Early experience purchasers don't need to pay any more of course (except for a manual if required).

Manual: The manual is now available: if you buy EuroBeam after Easter 2012 and pay the full price you will be sent one; if you paid the early experience price you will need to buy a manual if you want one. Manuals (£10.95+P&P) can be ordered from Lulu (not us) - click here for ordering information.

Flitch beams

Flitch beam checking has now been implemented (it was inadvertently accessible in earlier releases but all the references to BS5628 would have alerted you to it not being Eurocode compliant). The methodology follows TRADA paper GD9.

Script pages

A Script Page uses the same scripting option as beam notes to produce a text page. We will aim to put a tutorial on this website in the next few weeks and will update the manual in due course.

PDF security changes

The print dialog now adds a PDF password field: if you enter a password, security is enforced as before; if you leave this field blank (it will show 'none') an open PDF is produced. The choice is yours, but if you are sending PDFs to other parties we would recommend that you password protect them. Any password you enter is remembered but you can change or delete it at any time.

Smaller changes and fixes:

  • For steel and timber bearings the full screen edit button added in 1.10a is active with bearing=none. If you pressed this and entered a note, this was copied back to the dialog then lost when you pressed 'Apply'. Now the note status is changed to user defined if was none.
  • psi0 values for snow have been corrected
  • Bug fixed where a timber post had two B/F loads
  • The timber post printout has been reworked to show more detail and improves the presentation (in particular for posts with offset loads the load diagram was printed twice)
  • Range check error could be thrown for steel columns with minor axis effective length, Leff,z = 0 - fixed
  • Range check error could be thrown on connection edit - fixed
  • Entering a deflection limit with a lower case 'l' (e.g. 'l/360) would throw an error - fixed: now 'l' is automatically upppercased
  • The sidebar on printouts now shows the characters used for decimal and thousands separators. We have done this as some Eurocode books and calculations follow the Eurocodes in using a comma as a decimal point (as is standard in mainland Europe) whilst we use system defaults, in the UK a comma as thousands separator and full stop as decimal separator.
  • Probably of interest to technical support staff only: the installer now creates a log file listing the changes made during the install. The location and name of this file is shown on the Configuration, Information window.

Release 1.10b, 16 January 2012

Changes in this release:

  • If you tried to click on the beam B/F load button it disappeared and was replaced by the notes pane - fixed
  • The coding for snow loads has been changed - it is now SN for snow up to 1000m, ST for snow > 1000m
  • The shear buckling expression shown on beam printouts was wrong though the answer was correct - fixed
  • The Configuration, Standard Notes option has been renamed Configuration, Library
  • Scripts for TJI 241mm and 302mm joists have been added.
  • A new project, DemoGreek, lists out the Greek alphabet characters in upper and lower case with their names.

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